Hi there. Planning to hold 1 yr old birthday party for my lo. Looking for similar decoration. I want simple and cheap. Anyone of you have any contact.

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If you source for the Individual items on your own and put them together on your own it may be cheaper. For example you can get the decor items from taobao things like the table skirting and garland. Carousell has them too. The bakery stuffs you can look for one that is yummy and fits your budget. The dessert plates you can rent from carousell or even buy the plates from taobao too. I DIY my gal's dessert table on my own too. There are many free downloadable printable online depending on the theme and you can either print at home or get a printer to do it.

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Hi mummy, you can try Phats Phats. I've used them before and they are really good! http://www.phatsphats.com/

How about diy? Most of the deco items can get from Taobao