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Hi, are there any mums out there with low milk supply due to late in breastfeeding. Im currently 1.5 weeks pp and i didnt breastfeed thruout because my milk wouldnt come out. Now its out but only a few drops. Anyone with similar experience and has managed to fully breastfeed? Any tips? Im so sad and regret i didnt breastfeed immediately after giving birth. My breast was sooo engorged then but now its not anymore after massaging. Does this mean i can’t produce any more milk? Ive tried pumping every 2 hours but still so loww, sometimes none at all:(( any tips mummies?

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I know it's depressing but try not to fret over the yield and just keep pumping every 2-3h and middle of night pumping is important to keep up the supply. Milk supply needs time to be established so just keep trying ok. Include some power pump sessions to try to increase the milk supply. Meantime just feed with formula and try not to let it affect your mood and bonding with your LO. I feel you cos I been there too now 5 wks pp it's tough but I set a target by when I will stop so just soldier on. BTW I never manage to latch but can increase my supply through just pumping. I know can be done cos I exclusively pump for my 1st child for 1.5yrs wo latching.

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4y ago

Thank you for your kind encouragement. will stay positive and keep pumping:))

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How much are you pumping out each time?

4y ago

Don’t be discouraged! If there’s some coming out, it means production is still ongoing:) you need to drink more water/fluids (3L/day), eat well, try to rest more, and you can try power pumping whenever you do pump + direct latching on demand (seeing baby helps create a letdown reflex). For power pumping, you can try pumping for 10min then stopping for 5 minutes then pumping for 10min, stopping for 5, then pumping for 10 again. This can help build supply too:)