Fall during pregnancy

Hi there! I'm about 4 months preg and I actually had a fall earlier whilst trying to stop the main door from slamming shut due to the strong wind. Should I be concerned about the baby inside? Like anything to monitor for? It was a hard fall but on my left knee , so I think It might bruise a little. I haven't told my hubs yet as I don't want to worry him. As of now I just feel pain from the fall 🤣 but not cramps or anything. Pregnancy this time really makes me a little bit more clumsy than usual.🥲

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in my 1st trimester, I fell 3 times at home.. among these 3 times, once got bruises all over my legs.. luckily baby is strong.. so your baby and talk to baby, should be fine.. but if you are worry, better get it checked at hospital.. for peace of mind

Hello! I was about 4-5 months pregnant, had a fall on hard floor and landed on my left knee as well. Slight bleeding and abrasion. No discomfort from the fall. I went to the gynae for a peace of mind and all was good! :)

If it’ll make you feel better, Baby is well cushioned by the amniotic fluid in your uterus 😊 but if you’re feeling uneasy, do schedule an ultrasound with your gynae soon just to make sure. Be careful mummy!

thank you lovelies for the replies! I ended up with bruised knees 😂 really gotta be more careful hahaha!

heheh i also feel im clumsy then my usual days