Thomson (TMC) Goodie Bag — Breast pump

Hi there! FTM here and I’m making a list of things that I’ll need to buy in prep for the baby, noticed that hospital bags sometimes give items and I could save on buying them (e.g. heard Mount A gives baby wash basin too). I’m likely delivering at Thomson Medical Centre. Does anyone know if the free breast pump given in the TMC goodie bag after delivery is good enough? Or will we still need to buy another? Thank you so much for the advice! #firstbaby #advicepls

Thomson (TMC) Goodie Bag — Breast pump
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Super Mum

Hey Grace, The Hegen Pump is a good one but it’s also a manual pump meaning you’ll have to use your hands to pump. Some mums find this a hassle - especially if you’re pumping at work. I personally prefer an double electric breast pump as it gets the job done quickly. But I have mum friends who preferred manual pumps because it’s small, easy to wash and super light to carry around. It really is a question of personal choice. And yes, you do have to try it out before making a decision usually. Hope this helps.

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2mo ago

Heya Grace - no problems at all. You can actually refer to this article regarding pumps - I love medela’s articles because they’re accurate, sharp and concise. I think it’s great you’re asking questions this early in the game because it helps you to figure out what your feeding plan is. Most just ‘know’ they want to breastfeed but haven’t quite read up about what’s involved before making a decision. If you plan on breastfeeding, exclusively pumping or even a hybrid of that and supplementing, do find out more. We do that for our travels but we seldom think about doing that when it comes to feeding and pregnancy and birth. Just food for thought - and feel free to reach out again :) Take care!

This is a manual pump. So if you want the convenience of an electric pump you’ll still have to buy your own. Hegen has it own motor if I’m not wrong so if you’ve got the bottles and flanges for the manual you can just buy the motor.

Hi! I don't think you will need to bring breastpump coz They will give you the baby to feed them if you gg to do breastfeeding, Even at night. if bottle then you have to bring your own, or get it from them but need to pay.

Hi. Yes there is this to redeem. However it is still advise to use electric pump. Manual pump a bit tiring.

Hi! I delivered in thomson last Oct, they didn't give me breastpump nor chicken essence.

2mo ago

This goodies bag for 2021 not 2020