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Hi there! Currently am at 27 weeks, husband and i am worried because friends have been advising us to opt for private or change hospital whenever we mention KKH under subsidized route. Need some advice! #advicepls #pregnancy

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I experienced the same too, telling me off to go private. But i didn’t, i was under KKH subsidised too & my journey were beautiful & smooth throughout. I felt like i had an A1 bed service especially doing labour. At the ward they were attentive & nice too. Other than babies started crying & i cant wait to go home. oh yes i opt for B2 & i gave birth this year end june. it’s just one day stay, i felt like going for private will cost a bomb when it can be used for preparing baby stuffs. well.. if u have extra & wants comfort why not.

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what's the concern? i delivered at kkh as a subsidised patient last year. everything went well - prenatal checks were ok delivery was smooth, hospital stay was good too. they go by team based consultation that's why you see a different MO every visit. i chose to go the subsidised route because mine was an uncomplicated pregnancy - i would probably have chose otherwise if i had other conditions. just trust your own decision and trust your doctors, ultimately you know yourself best.

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3y ago

Thank you so much for your help! 😊

I've delivered in kkh 3 times and my experiences there was superb even under subsidised in B2. I had some complications on my 3rd pregnancy during my 3rd trimester and I had to stay there for almost 2 wks. The gynae, nurses & midwives are so professional and kind & really took good care of me. Still, it's best to discuss with your husband. Afterall, it's you both who'll fork out the money & the one who'll be doing the pre natal visits, not them.

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Maybe you and ur hub should list down ur concern.. why do you choose KKH subsidizes at first... Maybe also consider budget, waiting time , number of scan ( KKH does not do ultrasound scan every visit but private gynae do) location.. also stick to what you and your hub is comfortable with.. End of the day it’s both of you or even you visiting the gynae and staying in the hospital for labour not others

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I delivered at KKH via private as I wanted to follow my gynae, very good care provided during delivery and post delivery follow up, and KKH has the best children medical care if there are complications. Most important is that you are comfortable at KKH. Good luck!

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u totally asked the same question I had.. I m at 34 weeks, find that also going well but people asking to change, so I'm feeling pressurised to change. one thing is about the birth plan? I dont know when to share with the doc my preferences about the delivery

No reasons to change if you feel comfortable there. No need to succumb to peer pressure 😊