#TeamBakuNanay Grand Launch

#theasianparentph #TeamBakuNanay #MomshieNinzkie Sino dito ang nakapanuod ng FB Live?🤗 My biggest takeaways ✨Vaccines will not just protect your child but also the whole community. ✨Boosters will maintain the level of protection to our child. ✨Vaccines can delay but it should be given on a specific timeframe. ✨Flu vaccine can help our child boost their immunity from Covid. Prevention is better than cure #MomshieSquad ✨Keep our Child inside our homes to protect them from getting flu that can cause pneumonia. Thank you so much for this💙💚🧡 Now we are preparing for our Booster Schedule before 2020 ends🤗 How about you Momshies?

#TeamBakuNanay Grand Launch
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yes to herd community. missed this but will surely catch the video on TAP's fb page. thanks for sharing your learnings.💙❤

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napaka helpful ng app n to