The salmon sold in the markets are mostly farmed salmon which have been fed high amount of antibiotics. Would like to know where to get wild salmon in Singapore? #parenttown

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This video is in French but it's crazy eye opening. If you forward to about 39/40 seconds you will see a chart of pollutants found in food. In the left you have hamburger and the right Yiu have farmed salmon. The amount of pollutants in a farmed salmon is shocking! If you continue watching the video it talks about the effect of consuming such fish on mice - including diabetes and obesity. We get our fish from fassler - it's so much cheaper than most other places and some of the fish is wild and not just farmed. You can buy it in person at Woodlands or online. They have a lot of wild caught fish and prawns fron argentina. Look for martin If You head down in person. his website is You can also try the Fishwives. They have a store at Cluny Court and you can order online too.

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