The salmon sold in the markets are mostly farmed salmon which have been fed high amount of antibiotics. Would like to know where to get wild salmon in Singapore? #parenttown

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This video is in French but it's crazy eye opening. If you forward to about 39/40 seconds you will see a chart of pollutants found in food. In the left you have hamburger and the right Yiu have farmed salmon. The amount of pollutants in a farmed salmon is shocking! If you continue watching the video it talks about the effect of consuming such fish on mice - including diabetes and obesity. We get our fish from fassler - it's so much cheaper than most other places and some of the fish is wild and not just farmed. You can buy it in person at Woodlands or online. They have a lot of wild caught fish and prawns fron argentina. Look for martin If You head down in person. his website is You can also try the Fishwives. They have a store at Cluny Court and you can order online too.

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You can get wild salmon at the website below but frozen though. It's about 9SGD/100g and they are imported from Alaska. You can tell the difference between wild salmon and farmed salmon by the colour of the flesh. Wild salmon are usually a lighter red-orange due to high carotenoids from its natural diet.

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You can take a look at this website: They bring in wild-caught seafood from Alaska. I've read that the owners and their team are very knowledgeable and would gladly share if you have any questions about their products. Enjoy!

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I recommend The Alaska Guys they import wild caught fish (salmon, cod, halibut) pricier than the usual farm raised fish but really good quality and not having to worry about ingesting antibiotics. They deliver.

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My home is just beside Alaska Guys shop. Their salmons and Cod fish are really good. Bought from them a few times. Really delicious. Both my kiddos love their salmon. But it is quite costly.

For NZ salmon only the barbie girls...(expensive though) and Yiu need a $100 min delivery fee.