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Is that important? I always see mummies sleep train babies. How about feed? Is that really necessary for baby to have a fixe routine. Cause my baby eat and sleep at her own timing and is different everyday

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In the first month at least, there's no need to set a routine because baby usually sleep and eat on demand. Young babies are also incredibly sleepy but it does get harder to get them to sleep as they grow older. I agree that having a routine will really be easier for you and baby. Can have a gentle routine like morning nap, lunch nap, afternoon nap then bedtime. Gentle because babies won't sleep on the dot, I think it's okay to fluctuate by half an hour or more. You can just try a routine and see if for you and your child. Some babies thrive on one, some babies may not. Don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't work. I did not have a routine and having my own time got incredibly messy and very tiring for me when my baby turned 2mo. I had 4 pm lunch and 10pm dinner. I decided to follow a routine from week 9-10 and it's helpful in giving predictable breaks when baby is napping. Sleep training and sleep schedules are quite different. Sleep training involves you helping your baby to learn to fall asleep independently without parental assistance such as nursing/ feeding, rocking, patting, walking, etc. There are many sleep training methods but I don't think you're referring to that. Sleep schedule just means you give them a routine on when to take naps and when to 'go to bed'. For healthy sleeping habit, you can try to avoid feeding to sleep, so bring feeding earlier before the nap or when baby wakes up from nap. Some mum's opt for the eat-wake-sleep routine. Hope this helps!

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If there is a routine. It is easy for you and you can make sure that baby is getting enough food and sleep.