name for baby boy

suggest naman po ng name for baby boy. starts with letter M or R. thank you! ?

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For a baby boy starts with letter M = Micah means humble, if R = Raamah which means greatness For a baby girl starts with M = Mercy means compassion, if R = Ruth which means 'content' in Hebrew.

Melchizedek which means king of justice; king of righteousness. Reuben which means the vision of the son; who seesthe son. Melchizedek Reuben

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R ---Raziel. It's an angel's name. Angel Raziel is God's Keeper of Secrets or the Angel of Mysteries.

Marco, Marion, Maverick Riley, Rocco, Rome

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Reever Reden Riley Morris Marcus Marquee

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Baby girl Mariafe and boy Rosevelt😊

Ryle Maverick, Marcus, Raven, Migo,

Matteo Marcus Matthew Riley Rayver

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Maichail, Railey, Margaux, Reese