Getting more tired.

Start my second trimester. Body getting more tired then before. Cramps come more aften. Really feel like quiting my job.

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I feel you. I am in the 2nd trimester too. I cannot stand or walk for too long w/o feeling pain on my legs. My whole body is aching and I can't wait to do a prenatal massage. Times are hard now due to Covid. If your husband can be the sole breadwinner & willing to, then you might want to discuss how things will be if you resign from your job.

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hang in there mama! I'm entering my second tri and I feel the fatigue setting in too... sleeping a lot more. try drinking chicken essence?

yes, its normal.. maybe can quit ur job or do some partime job like few hrs instead full days..

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I have cramp sometime too. My gyane advise to soak leg with warm water to reduce the cramp.

Hang on there... You need to get your maternity leave first at least. :)

try to rest more