any suggestion name for baby boy starts with letter J and second name start with letter L? Thank u😘

Soon to be mom🤰 #1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby

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I suggest, combine nio po name Ng parents, then look for the meaning of it.maganda Rin na may history Ang name nila ksi when they go to school, sometimes they ask about it and the meaning as well

Jamil (arabic for handsome) Lukas John Lindly James Lyndon Joshua Lyle Jairo Liam Javen Luke Pwede rin ikaw na mag mix ng names mommy.

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John lenon James Leonard Jude liam

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joaquin liam jake lennard

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Janssen Lemuel Jonard Lian

Jamiel Lazarus

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Jacob Lucas

Jaden Louis

jhonua Luke

jhon lurenz