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My son, toddler at 2yrs old. He has no problem with rascal&friend or ninonana diapers. But of course he cant use drypers,huggies or mamypoko which leaks for him badly. Been using rascal eversince he was a newborn. But now at his age he been leaks in the night time so bad. I been staying up late at night or woke up to his leaks! Im trying out offspring too still the same leaks! Trying out right now peekapoo pants but got the feeling it will leaks. So worried! I waiting for PAMPERS overnight brand diaper to be received hope it helps. He basically a side sleeper which make him leaks. Anyone has advice on this? Momma need some help here! I try the down size, his correct size of his weight also with 1 size big. All the same still leaks! Just hoping on peekapoo or pampers brand. #diaper #diaperleaks #pleasehelp #advicepls - rascal&friends (leaks ) - ninonana (able to hold pee during the day time but leaks in the night time) - nature huggies (leaks! Cant last especially sleeping in the night time) - drypers (leaks and odor) - offspring (day ok but night leaks) - peekapoo (leaks at night) - Pampers overnight (waiting for it to arrived at my doorstep bc i couldn't find at my home area so had to order from shopee)

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Hi mommy. I’m using Charnins brand (soldier picture) from Shoppee and so farrrrr not much leaks unless I’m the one who forgot to change the baby. 😮‍💨. She (18 months ) leaked before because I used size L for night time which CANNOT hold that pee overnight. That was the first time she wet the bed. I changed to XL and it’s better from then on. She sleeps on her belly most of the time btw.

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4mo ago

hi mom! thanks for the advice! will look into it at shopee later on! maybe if theres trial i can order first to test it. as my son is very very side sleeper even when i position him straight he will curl up like a prawn. tonight he wearing pampers brand overnight. hopefully it goes well.