Separation anxiety

My son is only 9 months old. Im supposed to stay with him until he's one or older before I start working again. My mom was so confident that they will provide for me and my son so I should focus on breastfeeding him until he's able to eat on his own. I am a single parent, my boyfriend left me when I was pregnant. Before I was pregnant I was earning well for myself and I was able to pay my hospital bills when I gave birth and pay for my son's hospital bills when he got sick. Due to it my mom suggested that I stop working and focus on breastfeeding my son, she and her husband will support us for at least a year or a year and a half. I agreed of course its an opportunity for me. However her husband got sick and I hated him, to be fair he got sick because he did it to himself. Mom always remind him to be careful because when he gets sick we're going to suffer. But no he didn't listen, he continue to do drugs, gets drunk almost everyday and even steal money from my mom so he can do his vices. My mom says its just 'kupit' but kupit is stealing. The money I gave my mother before I stopped working was supposed to be spent on an investment but she needed it to send his husband to the hospital (I only ever calls him dad Infront of him, I call him my moms husband with anyone else) To make the matter worse since I don't have a job they made me feel terrible, they even told me that I couldn't even buy my son new toys or clothes etc. Now I have to leave because they've asked me to start working again, mom said she can't provide for us anymore now that her husband is sick and needed to be taken care off. I tried to make my son get used to bottle feeding, it kinda work but I don't think hell get used to it anytime soon and I'm leaving tomorrow. I worry about him, he'll definitely get thinner he'll keep on crying without me, and I'm afraid that he won't even remember me. I'm leaving tomorrow and I don't have enough money to rent an apartment! I hate this!

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At 9 months, he could already start eating solid foods and you may continue to breastfeed him for as long as you both want to. Babies are really smart and they can easily adapt and adjust if they have to. He may not take to the bottle now, and that he'll definitely cry without you but for better or for worse, sa simula lang naman yun and he'll sure be able to adapt and thrive whenever you're gone. Your situation is sad and unfortunate but I'm sure you're only doing what you believe is for the best for you and your family... Good luck...

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