Is this teething?

My son is around 4.5 months now. Drooling quite a bit, always does chewing action, and fussy recently, so we suspected teething and let him chew chilled teether / clean finger massage gum. Any parents to share similar experience?

Is this teething?
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Yes. Most likely he is teething. My boy was like that too. Teething can begin as early as 3 months, most likely you'll see the first tooth start pushing through your baby's gum line when your little one is between 4 and 7 months old. The first teeth to appear usually are the two bottom front teeth. For some babies, teething is painless. Others may have brief periods of irritability, while some may seem cranky for weeks, with crying spells and disrupted sleeping and eating patterns. Teething can be uncomfortable, but if your baby seems very fussy, talk to your doctor. Although tender and swollen gums could cause your baby's temperature to be a little higher than normal, teething doesn't usually cause high fever or diarrhea. If your baby does develop a fever during the teething phase, something else is probably causing the fever and you should contact your doctor. My boy had a change in temprature and was adviced to give a lil paracetamol. What u are doing now is great! Sharing with u some other tips to keep in mind when your baby is teething. Gently wipe your baby's face often with a cloth to remove the drool and prevent rashes from developing. A wet washcloth placed in the freezer for 30 minutes makes a handy teething aid. Be sure to take it out of the freezer before it becomes rock hard you don't want to bruise those already swollen gums and be sure to wash it after each use. Rubber teething rings are also good, but avoid ones with liquid inside because they may break or leak. If you use a teething ring, chill it in the refrigerator, but NOT the freezer. Also, never boil to sterilize it extreme changes in temperature could cause the plastic to get damaged and leak chemicals. Teething biscuits and frozen or cold food are only OK for kids who already eat solid foods. Don't use them if your child has not yet started solids. And make sure to watch your baby to make sure that no pieces break off or pose a choking hazard. Some people use teething gels but i didnt cos was adviced by some not to cos some gels may not be safe for babies. I think some ingredients in it may not be suitable for some babies. Best to avoid it totally. As soon as the first tooth appears, brush it with water and fluoridated toothpaste, using only a tiny amount. It's OK to use a little more toothpaste once a child is old enough to spit it out usually around age 3. Choose one with fluoride and use only a pea-sized amount or less in younger kids. Don't let your child swallow the toothpaste or eat it out of the tube because an overdose of fluoride can be harmful to kids. By the time all your baby's teeth are in, try to brush them at least twice a day and especially after meals.  Of cos this applies to 3 yrs and up. Well thats my tips so far. Another important tip for preventing tooth decay. Don't let your baby fall asleep with a bottle. The milk or juice can pool in a baby's mouth and cause tooth decay and plaque. All the best!

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5mo ago

Appreciate your thoughtful advices!

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Yes it’s .. drooling is the first symptom of teething , and this age they bite a lot a teether will help for their gum sooth . My boy also same age I give teether for him . He too drooling the same .

5mo ago

Thanks for ur advice!