Stop crying at preschool

My son 5 years old is a speech delay kid. Now started normal CC for nearly 1 month but he still cries when he go to school and also always walk around. Is there anyway to make him stop walking around and also stop the crying?

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The behaviors you mention could be symptomatic of a serious problem or they could be normal variations of being a kid. How is he doing in school? Does he fit into his family life ok? Does he have friends? There are three things I would suggest: 1. Continue to monitor him and if possible take a day off from work and spend the day in the CC with him. 2. Have a chat with his doctor. He or she may want to see him to do an assessment. 3. Encourage him to follow his interests. Is he interested in games such as chess, or some sport or some other activity? Help him find an activity like arts, or karate, etc at the community centre, that can help him pursue his passion and teach independence at the same time.

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Children with speech and language delay may have difficulties both understanding what others are saying and expressing their emotions. He may not understand what is happening in class and cannot accomplish the tasks set for his class because he cannot fully understand what teachers and classmates are saying. He may also not have the words to tell others how he feels. Has he been fully accessed to see how bad the speech and language delay is and how best to help him? His current class teachers may need to simplify their language when they speak to him and simplify tasks for him. Use of visuals and actual demonstrations of what he has to do may help.

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Don't think the walking around, I am guessing in circles, is anything to worry about. My son did it till he was 10. My top guesses are it's a thinking/processing method or a way to expand pent up energy

Serene, maybe you can try social stories? And role play with him at home? And do a reward system and can involve teacher too.

hi there, how's now your son? is he able to speak well?well because the same case my son also has speech delay

nice meeting you here, wanna be friends with you 🌹🌹🌹