Can someone tell me how to adjust the language on this app? Is this an English app?

Can someone tell me how to adjust the language on this app? Many times i saw replies in foreign language instead of English.

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You know, I was also irritated because of foreign languages in my app, but now I understand that it is another opportunity to learn something new. I read some articles on and understood, that everything I see and hear I can use for my self-development, and the knowledge I get from the app with foreign language I can use for travelling.

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thanks. just quite frustrating when the questions are in English but replies are in foreign replies and there's no option to click auto translate. many times I have to scroll thru many replies just to find English replies i can understand. should have an auto translate button for foreign language

Well, the setting is easy if you know how to play with it. But I suggest you the guide of that will help you to set up the language on the app.

You have commented on Singapore app. that is in English, This App is available in few Asian languages too . go to edit profile and select your country and language .

My setting in English and also chose Singapore, still see a lot of comments in Tagalog.

10mo ago