Low breast milk

Can someone share successful breast milk boost method? Tried papaya w fish soup, fenugreek tea, cookies.. Nothing works for me. #advicepls

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Drink plenty of water. You’ll keep peeing but keep on hydrating yourself. Breastmilk is primarily composed of water (88% actually), carbs, proteins, etc so drink up after every pump session. Power pump every 2-3hrs: 20mins pump 10mins rest (drink water) 10mins pump 10mins rest (drink water) 10mins pump Don’t stress yourself is also very important. Have enough rest and enough sleep. Take fenugreek supplement or any other supplement that can increase breastmilk supply. Do some research. Can try Legendairy also. Fenugreek GNC. Go poly ask for lactation medication. Supply and demand at baby’s cues. Latch, latch, latch. Latching sends signal to the brain to release hormones to produce more milk. Even if you doubt your supply, just latch. Can try to pump after latching as well. My milk supply is also decreasing but that’s because I’m not any of the things above as I’m always running here and there to tend to newborn that I forget about myself. But now I’m going back to my routine of pumping and latching. And also carry a bottle everywhere you go be it outside or in the house so you remember to drink up. Good luck!! 🤗

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fenugreek don't work in every mama do take note some has issue with supply decreasing. latch and pump after each session to stimulate your supply. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFoBEtAnK5W/?igshid=1mcu089qdct49 hope it helps if you need more help just dm me in my ig

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Gold kili's longan date tea w honey, munch's oat cookies, supplement (legendairy), latch on demand (the best) and lastly, power pumping. hope this helps! :)

try red date longan tea! u can buy from sinseh shop and boil urself. worked for me.

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Try ava’s kitchen lactation spread, mother nurture malunggay coffee/choco

avocado, water, rest works for me

drink a lot of water and soup