Numb & pain on right hand

Hi I’m 35 week now & I’m having a numb & pain like needle on my right hand & didn’t stop for 4 day already.. Ist normal? Is there any exercise or medicine I can take to reduce it?

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Not sure what’s the type of pain you are experiencing but I experienced carpal tunnel syndrome on my left hand. Sharp pain on wrist and numb on some fingers. Gynae recommended to wear wrist guard. It only went away abt 2months after I gave birth with accupunture treatment after birth. Not sure if there’s any other way out of it 😂

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5mo ago

Really appreciate your info. I’m worried thinking that it’s not normal.

mine hurts too! my doctor said it's normal in pregnancy. you can ask your husband to massage your hands for you, just avoid the area between the thumb and index finger as it may trigger contractions. take care!

5mo ago

Thanks for the info 😉

if it's carpal tunnel, prenatal massage can help

5mo ago