Swollen and numbness in hands

Hi Mummies, Every day after wake up will experience swollen hands and when I clench my fist it feels sore and numb. I try to sleep on my side at night and I notice that if I lie on right side left hand becomes swollen, if lie on left side right hand becomes swollen. Is it normal or sign of pre-e? Currently @35 weeks Update: doctor said it's normal and due to water retention

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Same! 36 weeks here. Been experiencing numbness and tingling sensation in my fingers both left and right. It’s actually due to inflammation on the nerves as baby grows bigger. Change sides frequently whenever it happens. I wear compression socks at night to keep my legs from getting swollen like my first pregnancy and so far it hasn’t swelled up. Hands, can’t do much with the numbness. But I did develop preeclampsia post-delivery for my firstborn. Not sure if it is related again. I’m on Aspirin too since 2nd tri. I think doc will advise to stop at 36 weeks. My next appt is tmr (14 July) I’ll help to ask about the numbness, if it’s pretty common or one of the signs.

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5mo ago

Hi mummy! I just went for my appointment. Doctor says it's normal and it's due to water retention. I guess I have to cut down on the salt intake haha.