Newborn - 3 month old check up/vaccine

Dear Mommas During your first checkup with baby to polyclinic, for vaccination and baby’s milestones, did your baby develop fever after the jab? And did any of u took the rotavirus jab for your bb? (U have to pay $98 for this if I’m not mistaken, and after u miss this date u couldn’t take it anymore?) Please advise xx

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Nope mine didn’t..... Well most of my son’s jabs were taken in GP clinics cause it’s free under a new law or smth. I paid over 200+++ for 2 doses cause the rotarix isn’t $90+++ for a dose anymore..... It’s around $100+ including gst..... I’m not too sure if you miss the date if cannot take anymore best to ask the healthcare people they should know :)

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I think its depend on your baby for the fever. you can observe on the 2-3 days after jab. Mine doesnt get fever and yes i opt in for the rota virus. think is not jab is let baby drink the med ( i not very sure cause i ask my husband go in as i scared of seeing needles) rota virus got certain date. good news is u can play w cda

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My baby didn’t develop fever. And he took the rotavirus vaccination too which is in oral form (nurse said it’s cold and sweet), the nurse just use a syringe to feed him. Yes, what I understand is that baby can only take it till a certain age (week) and the next dose is also within a certain period after the first dose.

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It depends on ur baby. My girl didn’t develop fever but some does.

mine didn't. yes we take the rotavirus jab

2y ago

rotavirus vaccine is oral not jab


mine no fever I took the rotavirus