22 months old

She doesn't eat much. She still drinks formula milk and wakes up 3 times at night. ??? Out of food ideas to give her and trying to lessen her f milk intake...

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Can u give her a little more solid during dinner? Try change her menu?. I realize babies likes varieties too.. My LO will refuse to eat if i cook porridge the whole week. So i changed to macaroni soup, mac and cheese. He eats a bit more..Sometimes its worrisome that they keep waking up for milk, i understand. Try your best ok?

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Go cold turkey. Same as my son but he eats a lot of solids and drinks 3x a night of 8oz too. I went cold turkey and kept all bottles. I said no more milk, just water. He cried but after a couple days he is used to water when he gets thirsty at night :)

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How much does she drink each feed during the night? Bottle fed? What’s your feeding routine during the day time for solids and milk? What do you give her for food?