One time $3k grant baby bonus cash gift (covid)

Hi, Any singaporean mummies recently gave birth this year? Have you already receive the one time $3k covid grant baby bonus cash gift ? Do you get the whole $3k cash on top of your first payment or is the $3k also paid staggered-ly?

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yup received! on 30 march full! baby born on 16 jan!

2y ago

hi mummy, is it given on your first payout? and will it be automatically given upon registering baby's birth or do i have to fill up another different form on the day i register baby's birth?

Yup received late last month (29 march) in full.

2y ago

hi mummy, it was received on your first payout? do i need to fill up another form upon registering baby's birth or it will auto give ? (no need fill up any other forms) i plan to register baby birth at the hosp i giving birth at (SGH)

oh I didn't know about that!