Baby Bonus & Baby support Grant

Hi , Im confused here . What is the different between baby bonus cash gift and one off baby support grant ? Does this means baby gets one off baby support grant of 3K on top of the baby bonus cash gift ?

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Yeap it’s additional. The BSG you’ll get it one lump sum of $3000 within 7-10 days after you give birth or something. The baby bonus for 1st and 2nd child you’ll get it staggeredly. But the first payout (within 7-10 days) is also $3000. Subsequently when baby is 6 months $1500 12 months $1500 15 months $1000 18 months $1000

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Is it automatically credited or do you have to apply for the grant and baby bonus if you are singaporean?

2y ago

You have to apply for it.