What do you think my mil is trying to do

Since my son is born, my mil each time she see me carry my son, in less than 1 min she will ask me to pass to her. Then if my son finds me she is not happy, will grumble say he sticks to me. But everyone around me say my son is not those who scare of strangers. He went to my company team bonding and my colleagues also carried him. My mil is the only one who keep complain he stick to me. Even now he is two, I carry him she will ask me put him down. Even in the carpark, he is so short, how can she expect me to let him walk in the carpark. Then if we go put together, any other persons carry him she never say anything. The moment I carry him she ask me put him down or called him to her side... what is she trying to do??? Its making me feeling very uncomfortable.#firsttimemom #pleasehelp #advicepls

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