is it safe to use ruyi oil during pregnancy?

Is it safe to use ruyi oil (yuyee oil) during pregnancy? trying to soothe the bloating and constipation

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I would avoid it, as studies on herbs have not been clear yet. But absorption through the skin should be minimal, and no ill signs should be shown when used occasionally

I used it for my first pregnancy and also this pregnancy. Had the same thought that since newborn can use it so why not. It really helps with bloatedness.

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Yes, I used it. I was thinking since it can be applied on newborns, why not?

Hey, Yes it should be fine but please use it in moderation

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Yes it ok my TCM gynae actually reccommend me to use that

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Sure, just go ahead. I had used it when i was pregnant.

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I tried once and the smell makes me gag. So I didn’t.

It is safe. It helped me thru my tummy cramos

should be fine in moderation

Use in moderation