Is it safe to reheat food in takeaway plastic containers? What about heating up food in a melamine bowl in the microwave?

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I usually look out for the microwave safe label on the containers. If it is not stated, I will see what is the number within the "triangle" (the one made out of three arrows, and looks similar to the recycle symbol, all plastic containers should have that). If it is 5, it should be safe for use in the microwave. If I'm using bowls, I will use glass or ceramic ones for microwave.

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Not all take-out food containers are safe for microwave use. You should look out for any microwave-safe labels.

Plastic is supposed to be safe but better to use glass or ceramic instead.

You need to check the label, if uncertain, heat up in a bowl or a plate

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It’s ok until a particular temp.. can’t do over heat jus warm up

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Look at the heating instruction on the container if it's safe

I wouldn’t Reheat on porcelain or the usual dining bowls

Take a look for the number at the bottom. Hope its help.

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Neat to heat up in a microwave safe ceramics container

Glass or ceramic is the best option . Avoid plastics