Is this cheese safe for babies less than a year old to take? If not, which type and where could I get?

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Hi, I may differ but I believe that one must not give any supplements to babies unless it is prescribed by the doctor. Isn't it better that you take your baby out in the Sun more often so that his vitamin needs are met than giving him supplement. Apart from taking the baby out for a stroll in the park where she is covered upwards with a hat and sunscreen, you can just take him around. Also, you can focus on giving him food rich in Vitamin D, like, fatty fix ( salmon, herring, sardines), egg yolk, liver and mushrooms. And if you are still concerned, please talk to the paediatrician before giving the supplement to the baby.

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6y ago

Hi, I am sorry, I stressed entirely on something else. But, coming back to your question, I think you can give your baby cheddar, monterrey jack, gouda, provolone, babybel, romano, cheshire, grana padano, mozzarella, colby, parmesan, edan, jalsbergdouble gloucester. Just make sure whichever cheese you give, it should be non-processed, and made of pasteurised milk.