Resourceful mamas! Any idea for kids' goodie bags? My girl's party theme is Strawberry Shortcake, and Daiso didn't have those cartoon bags. Where can I get them? And what do you usually put inside?

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I saw some at spotlight recently but they were expensive. I would just buy brown paper bags, print and cut pics of Strawberry Shortcake from the internet and personalise the bag with names of each of the kids. Easy and cheap! I would put in pink pencils, erasers and a couple of jewel stickers from Daiso.

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I will make them every year based on my girl's request sometime I even reuse the materials which mean I don't need to spend a cent on the bag. As for the items, it depend on her theme. Normally, I will place in some homemade cookie, healthy food etc.

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Want to get for birthday party? Here is the link for stationery popular cartoon set. from $1-$1.60

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You could get pink gift bags from Daiso to fit the strawberry short cake theme! I'd put in marsh-mellows, M&N's, oreos. stickers and pens! :-)

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I always get the material from diaso and make them on my own. It is way cheaper than purchasing the goodies bag.

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some stationery set or maybe some goodies snack suitable for kids