Nursery Dresser

Any recommendations on where to buy nursery dresser? And is a changing table necessary?

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Super Mum

When space is an issue, it’s nice to have combined things. Haha. If you have a cot, you can buy a diaper changing mat that can be placed on the railings of the cot (during baby fairs, it’s about $50, or check online). I’m referring to the one that’s waterproof PVC material + cushion underneath, and then a hard back that goes onto the cot railings. An alternative combination kind of thing is like the diaper changing station + bathtub, for eg. Lucky Baby’s one. There’s also space below to store diapers and clothes, etc. What’s good about a diaper changing station (either option above) is that you don’t need to bend down to change diapers, so it’s much less back breaking, and it’s also a lot easier if baby’s having a poonami and you’re trying to get things in control. Haha. But of course, it’s not a necessity. Just a convenience.

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