Halal Confinement Caterer

Any recommendations or reviews for halal confinement caterer? So far I only know Ummu Fazwill, Sizzling Dyyana and Noor Confinement. Any others?

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Ummu fazwill actually includes a lot of original dishes which I love!

I haven't tried it but have read many ummu fazwill reviews.

Sizzling Dyyana is good

Theres naddy cooks, ukashah confinement and makanlicious..

Ummu fazwill is great as it serves throughout the week! So basically you're sorted for the whole confinement period.

sizzling dyyana is great.

Can someone give ummu fazwill review?

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I gave birth a year ago! I don't know why suddenly a lot of replies on this post. I went with ummu Fazwill, and will go for her again (I'm pregnant with no. 2) Yummy and nutritious food, I lost weight fast even though the serving is generous. Every meal comes with dessert and drink too!

Sizzling dyyana has Malay, Chinese and Western dishes so a great mix of everything. Sometimes lactation cookies, scones and muffins are also included which is amazing for mums!

You can check ukashah's confinement meals.

Loved sizzling dyyana confinement package. She is very thoughtful with the packages and also with the daily whatsapp texts about which meal you're going to get that day with its nutritional values.