Any recommendation on gyne with good stitching skills , deliver in KKH as private rate? If I go for kkh, the prenatal checkups will be done in kkh itself or they have their own clinic?

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I am with kkh private suite... Their doctor I quite good and nice! My doctor is Jerry. When the doctor giving to you, it will stick all the way the same until u give birth, u will choose u still want private or under c class government type. If u still want private, your doctor will help you delivery :) All check up will be at the same place.

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I am with KKH private. Dr June Tan. If u select KKH. all checkup will be in KKH. There are many clinics. If private gynae it will be Clinic L (it's inside kkh)

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KKH have their own clinics inside. Once u are seeing a gynae from kkh. All appointment visits will be inside kkh. Whatever special scan also in kkh.

I visit my gynae at kkh clinic l aka private suite. My doc is Dr Jerry. He is assuring and cool and follows you till you deliver.