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Can recommend which brand breast pump is the best?

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Im using pumpables breast pump! Its an australian brand that was recommended to me by a friend. Alot of people made a comparison between pumpables and spectra s9, they said it works the same (and some even prefer pumpables). Only thing is pumpables is a tad bit more quieter compared to spectra and also a whole lot cheaper when they are having their sales. You can google more about it and find reviews about it on youtube! I really love mine

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Spectra s9+, get the double pump set and remember to measure the size of your nipple to get correct breast shield size. What I like from 9+ is the portability and the massage function is useful for me to prep my boobs for direct latching.

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I heard alot of recommendation on S1 and medela so I've gotten my hand on both second hand but just buy new parts due to hygiene.

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I think it depends on how the mummy respond to the pump. I'm using Hegen and it works well for me.

Real bubee breast pump 20+ can get . suction is good

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Intending to buy spectra s9 due to the size and portability for working

Spectra! I got the 9+ because its portable. :))

S1 or S9 if you like portable. Is spectra brand


Medela swing maxi works perfectly for me.

I find Mandela brand is good so far. :)