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Would you recommend spectra S1 or Medela Swing pump?

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I used medela freestyle and medela swing maxi. Gonna try Spectra S1+. Tbh, all pumps works differently for different mums. And also, it depends on how much is your budget? If have the budget, i would definitely recommend medela freestyle. Worked very well for me. But like i mentioned, different pumps works differently for different mums. If tight budget, i would recommend unimom minuet. It’s way cheaper, and also very compact. It is also quite quiet while pumping. The best thing is that it is a closed system pump, which actually makes it better than medela. This is something i didn’t know about till i was already 1 year postpartum. https://welovesupermom.com/products/uni987-latest-unimom-minuet-lcd-best-portable-breast-pump

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Spectra works for me only. Tried medela and avent too but it is not strong enough for me

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Spectra for me

I’m using S1, works well for me ;)

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I’m using Medela freestyle