The future for our children

My question of the day everyone: Are you confident that your child will grow up in a better world than you did?

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I don’t feel confident, life was so much easier and simple during my time. Now looking at how the world is, makes me sad. People have become so selfish, money minded, evil, destroying nature for one’s profit.Just a sad pathetic world we are living in. Right now it’s Nature taking its turn and saying “ F you for f*****g me up” Karma is a b***h!

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Yes but depends on what’s your definition of a better world. Technology advances so quickly and kids nowadays are definitely in a more advanced world that ours but is that necessarily better? So it’s a agree and disagree kind of a sentiment.

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I’m not confident because there’s are many external factors which I cannot control. So rather than thinking on those factors I can’t control, I will focus to teach and provide for those things I can control.

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With climate change and struggling economy...I am not sure I am leaving behind a better world for my children. I can only hope that I taught them enough to be resilient with a "Never say die" attitude...

Not at all. Life is getting so complicated compared to earlier times. People are so selfish and no one cares about the well being of any one other than your own self.

Being pregnant in the middle of this pandemic, I’ve been starting to wonder if my desire to have a child has been a selfish one. The world is f*****.

Nope, but I hope to guide him to be a better person than I am and maybe do some good to make his world a better place to live in.

technological wise, yes. but if you’re talking about the world at large, i’m not placing my chips on it

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Yes. This is definitely the case cos of technological advances. Material comforts wise is harder le

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Nope. I think the world is getting complicated, messed up.