EP, 6mo baby, feel like giving up pumping

Pumping takes away time fr baby.

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I stopped pumping altogether and just direct latch. My babygirl prefers boobies to bottles 😅 Quite tiring actually cause you’re the only one who can feed baby. Consider transitioning to FM perhaps?


drop the pump and nurse baby. it's so much easier and convenient

You can drop some pump, and do mixed feeds

Baby won’t nurse 😭

1y ago

Hi mummy! If baby won’t nurse maybe u can get some LC to help u out? However, if u think it’s still not working out, u can switch to formula! There’s no shame in that! My cousin switch to formula after 6 months as she’s tired from pumping and it’s very difficult to latch as she has inverted nipples. She say once she switched, she has more time to spend with her baby. U just have to decide if u want to continue bf or stop. And whatever u choose, I’m sure your baby will still love u and thankful for all you have done!