Private or KKH

Will private gynae scan more detailed during ultrascans than KKH?

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Everything depends on the gynae! My first pregnancy i was going to the private gynae, on my 8th month i had some pain, i called my gynae and she said to go to KK. I changed my private gynae to KK gynae even tho it was on my last weeks I went for ultrasound check, she told me that my placenta was very low and some other things that i wasnt aware of...she was very surprised that my privite gynae didnt tell me all of this..i had very very good experience with her and safe delivery! My second pregnancy i went straight to KK (unfortunately the gynae i had before left for privite clinic) and i had worst experience...Even tho i was going to more expensive and as they said more experienced gynae, she wasnt good at all...i had bleeding till 3 months and she didnt do anything, she couldn't do any tests or even answer me why there is bleeding (and i had 2 miscarriages before) she said i have to go emergency and they will figure out there!!!! When i was standing right infront of her bleeding!!!! After emergency they checked and gave me some pills I changed to other gynae, very young but more professional, all was good and delivery was smooth but service in KK dropped badly...nurses not so nice as it was last time (maybe coz most of then from other countries i dunno) and no more nursery so there was no rest after the delivery they put baby next to you and thats all...they charge same $$ but service dropped a lot!!! So better deliver in private but find a good gynae...

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Yes go for private and choose your gynae. At least your gynae will be more aware of your condition throughout the pregnancy.

Private shld be more detailed

Yes yes..