Couldnt help but overthink too much!!

Previously I have on and off nausea and sore boobs. Entering week 10 now and first time vomited!!! Is this normal? The soreness in my boobs also start to fading a lil bit. Based on google “If nausea and vomiting begin for the first time at or after 10 weeks of pregnancy, or if your morning sickness returns, talk to your health care provider. The symptoms may be due to other causes” I am quite worried! My next appt w gynae would be after CNY🥵🥵

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my gynae mentioned that during wk 9 to 12 is when the morning sickness will peak and get alot worse . so perhaps its a good sign! I vomited around 10 x/day from wk 4 till now (wk 9) in spite of all the vomiting pills, so another way to look at it is that lucky ur morning sickness only started now!😅

don’t worry so much or read too much. it’s very normal. hormones are fluctuating that’s why symptoms come and go. Morning sickness is actually a good sign that the pregnancy is going well.