Postpartum sex

Postpartum sex after 2 months and can feel the pain on my stitches. Heard it can be dry due to breastfeeding. How do y'all overcome the pain? Lol i'm so scared to have intercourse now........ #advicepls

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Hi im the same as you. Try some foreplay to get our friend there a little wet & lubricant also help. U have to be the one in charge so that you wont hurt yourself even though it will hurt but at least you can gauge how far you can endure. After a few days try again, slowly it will get better. The feeling also changes & i had to adapt & try different positions that i didnt like in the past now its my favourite 😅😏

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For me I suggest to have it after you fully recovered. I had mine after 6 months

Use a Lubricant