Is this diarrhea or normal?

Hello all, is this poop texture and colour normal or it’s diarrhea? It’s really runny and watery. My 1 month old started pooping only once a day a few days back and when she does, it’s a poonami and watery. She is on mixed feeding, currently 70-90ml of bottle-fed breastmilk (previously more direct latch but I googled about foremilk and hindmilk and baby drinks more foremilk and caused her gassy stomach) during day time and 60-90ml S26 formula throughout the night. Previously her stool was normal since she was born. And she used to poop a few times a day. Recently only once a day. Getting worried here. Could it be possible that it’s my breastmilk?? 😣 any advise would be much appreciated please!! Thank you in advance! 😭🙏🏻#1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls #breasfeedingmom

Is this diarrhea or normal?
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looks normal to me. NB poops a lot for the first 3-4mths. like literally in a day can go up to 8 diaper or more. sometimes instantly after every milk they poop. does your LO seems discomfort?? if your LO look normal and doesn't fuss, ntg to worry. FTM here too! i know how it feels and I always question myself and worries a lot. slowly I learnt to look at my LO reaction on top of the output. if baby continue to fuss after pooping and still wants to poop possible diarrhoea.

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maybe she's having colic? how long has it been? is it everyday or only certain time of the day she's being fussy and grunts? I don't really know much about colic. if you LO has colic can the doc to diagnose it.