Is this poo colour and texture of a 5-month-old normal? I just change from Enfamil A.R to Nan H.A. The poo frequency is about 2x a day.

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Yah looks normal. Observe for the next few poops. But my girl stool also green in colour, just less watery

The green is pretty normal when you switch to Nan HA. The iron content in the hypoallergenic formula causes that apparently. As for the texture, the creamy and watery consistency is normal too, when you switch to Nan HA.

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When i switch from Similac to Nan HA, my baby poop is like that. Watery green. But somehow she doesnt like Nan HA so i change back to Similac - poop color change back to mustard yellow (paste kind)


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I don't know



Just curious why would u change to H.A from A.R?

It depends on what d mother eat