10 weeks of pregnancy

pls share how is the symtomps like in 10 weeks?

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Morning sickness on and off , constipation, stomach cramp, tender Breast , can’t seat too long , can’t stand too long , can’t walk too long , I stay home almost everyday

Constipation, tender breast, super tired, morning sickness, gastric acid reflex, keep waking up every 2 hrs to either eat or pee.

Nausea on and off during day but gets bad in the evenings. Considered better than weeks 8-9 where nausea is entire day… still having some acid reflux and sometimes throw up a bit of stomach acid.

My morning sickness has improved, but still feel queasy and uncomfortable throughout the day. My most annoying symptoms though is the need to pee a lot and being incredibly tired.

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No morning sickness for me. But I have constipation for 3 days already, frequent urination, some breakouts, on and off sore breasts, and no one has mentioned this - heartburn.

Thankfully, no vomiting, just feeling nauseous. Tender breasts, easily tired, pee a lot, had major constipation which the stools were hardened. More craving for soupy stuff.

Worst nausea ever and gags. Breathlessness that I’m guessing if it’s COVID instead hahaha. More frequent pee and sleepiness.

cannot stand too long. always need to rest. frequent diahorra. stomach cramp on and off. no vomit. eating ok. jus diahorrea till scare

bloated everyday, some food aversion for fish 🤢. no craving and morning sickness thank god. tender breast, tired easily

constipation, bloated tummy, headaches on some days, tired 24/7, backache, frequent peeing, sore breasts, food cravings.