10 weeks of pregnancy

pls share how is the symtomps like in 10 weeks?

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Morning sickness on and off , constipation, stomach cramp, tender Breast , can’t seat too long , can’t stand too long , can’t walk too long , I stay home almost everyday

My morning sickness has improved, but still feel queasy and uncomfortable throughout the day. My most annoying symptoms though is the need to pee a lot and being incredibly tired.

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No morning sickness for me. But I have constipation for 3 days already, frequent urination, some breakouts, on and off sore breasts, and no one has mentioned this - heartburn.

Constipation, tender breast, super tired, morning sickness, gastric acid reflex, keep waking up every 2 hrs to either eat or pee.

Food aversions. Constipation. Frequent urinating. Sore/Tender breasts. Sometimes cramps

sakit sa likod bhe, saka pabalik balik sa cr kasi ihi ng ihi

Morning sickness. Food aversions. Sore breasts. Cramps.

still vomiting specially in the evening 😔

On the contrary, my symptoms decreased at week 10 😓

vomiting at maselan ang pang amoy