Toddler refusing to go school and sleep

#pleasehelp my toddler's (2.5yo) been going to the same school with same classmates for nearly 1 year. For the past 2 weeks, she keep throwing tantrum in the morning and refusing to go to school, refusing to do healthchecks at the door and had to be carried in most of the time. But inside the school, she always play and laugh very well and is very happy when we go fetch her. For the same 2 weeks she also kept throwing tantrum most of the nights, refusing sleep and also nightmare. The only change is 1 teacher, whom she will hug so I guess it's not due to her. Not sure if anyone faces the same problem? We do have a set of routine before sleep - bath, fruits, milk, books, sleep. #pleasehelp #pleasehelp thanks.

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Super Mum

Possible reasons: 2 year old sleep regression, separation anxiety and teething. I also faced the same behaviour with my 25mo

4mo ago

Really, the teachers commented she slept lesser in sch compared to the past. So. There's nothing much we can do cept reassurance and be patient?