formula milk causes phlegm?

please enlighten me. my stubborn husband kept asking me to change formula milk because the brand is causing phlegm. does a certain brand of FM cause phlegm????? how true is this? i am so pissed.

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It’s true some baby get constipated, diarrhoea or phlegm when using certain formula, just need to make a switch slowly and not immediately. Maybe feed 4x a day, 1 x can use new formul and slowly move away from old formula. Then can judge whether the new one is suitable. Just donate (some people don’t mind) the old formula. Don’t save money because it is expensive as your baby health is so much more important.

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Sorry but ur husband is right. I had the same issue with my DH. He insisted tt I give my baby the same formula as my first born aft I stop BF my baby. The issue is coz my 2nd one develops phlegm with that brand . So keep on trying diff brand. Coz even siblings can hv different reactions.

I heard that formula is more “heaty” . So usually I prepare the milk slightly more diluted. Example 180ml but I only put 150ml of formula .

Unfortunately, most FM (cow milk) do cause phlegm. How old is baby? Can consider giving water thru out the day.

5mo ago

Yes agreed!

I think it is based on the baby. my boy i gave him NAN he got phlegm, but I switch to similac he don't have.

6mo ago

Same. I gave baby nan got phlegm, changed to enfamil he dont have any!

it might, but different for every baby