Dapat ba ko magselos?

Please basahin nyo. Need ko ng advice and wala ako ibang makausap about this. So my boyfriend and I are checked in a hotel along with his officemates because they have a 3–day event here. He just brought me along with him because he doesn’t think he can leave me alone, just in case something happens (I’m 28w3d). I met his new officemates, one girl who joined him and 2 other guys in his car to pick me up and then go to the hotel. I felt paranoid since the moment I saw her, I just had this feeling about her that she’s very flirty. So maybe I’m making a big deal out of everything. She has a boyfriend in the province and she tells everyone it’s complicated. Last night, when my boyfriend and his officemate went out to smoke, she told them that she wanted to drink. So I’m thinking she told them that so they would consider drinking with her. Again, I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or what. I don’t know if I’m just giving meaning to these things. Though I know my boyfriend isn’t interested in her because she’s not my boyfriend’s type but I have a feeling she’s trying to flirt with him! I don’t know… I politely confronted him about it thru text(because he already left for the event and I can’t stop thinking about it) and he said she’s not, in any way, trying to flirt with him because he made sure she knows he has a family (me and our unborn child). Then he came back to our to room to tell me there is nothing to worry about and if it really bothers me he will lessen his interactions with her. I appreciate what he did and I believe him. But again, it’s the girl I don’t like. I don’t want her near my man. I just have a bad feeling about her. Do you think I should ruin my day and be jealous even though my man assured me there’s nothing to worry about? I’m feeling really annoyed right now. I think being pregnant intensifies how irritated I am! PS kaninang morning kami nagusap about dyan ni boyfriend. Ngayon lang, he went downstairs to ask for a stick of cigarette. He doesn’t want to buy a pack because he’s trying to lessen his smoking. So he went down sa 8th floor, dun mga girl officemates nya nakacheck in. When his boy officemate found out na bababa sya sa 8th floor, he suddenly smiled (akala nya yata di ko kita) tapos he said “gusto mo samahan kita?”. I don’t know if patay malisya yung boyfriend ko or he really didn’t see his officemate’s face kasi it was dark but he didn’t have any reaction. He said “sige samahan mo ko.” Then binawi nya, wag nalang daw. I’m so confused. Feeling ko I’m just making a big deal out of this na wala naman dapat malisya. I trust my boyfriend, I want to believe him but seryoso sobrang hirap labanan ng pagkapraning ko now. I don’t know what to think anymore. Do you guys think there is something fishy going on? Nilalandi ba sya nung girl? Naglalandian ba sila? Or nilalagyan ko lang ng malisya? HELP PLEASE

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Relax sis, the mere fact na sinama ka ng bf mo jan is malaking bagay na, kc kung naglalandian sila d ka nya isasama jan, gagawa ng dahilan yan para d ka maisama. He has assured u already, the best thing for you to do is to show ur waaay better than that girl. Being jealous is not a good way as it may sounds like ur intimidated. Goodluck.

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