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Hello mummies. Would like to ask if I'm preparing to direct latch & pump to build up milk... Should I get a new/second hand freezer? Kind of stuck between getting one and not getting one. In a way cos what if you buy and you ended up not having milk... Or not enough milk etc and end up wasting money on the fridgr or u don't get and u have alot of milk and u need a place to store. What would you do? I can't store at my home fridge as there's a lot of seafood and raw meats in freezer and the fridge is pretty full as well. I also read that it's not good to store breast milk with seafood etc as it will contaminate it. Need advice. Currently 38+2 awaiting my little ones arrival. :>

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Congratulations! I suggest you wait for your Lo to arrive. My milk supply only kick in day 5 and it’s not alot, not enough to feed actually. Only after a month of latching or so then the supply go up. Before that I’m collecting letdown on the other side and even that it not enough for a feed. But now my chest freezer is full, started collecting 2 months before i start work. Just keep latching 💪🏻 I’m using this btw

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Sorry I couldn't access the link you attached.. What is that may I ask?