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Parents who put your LO in infant care, when your Lo celebrate his bday , what do u bring ? A cake ? Cos yesterday one of my boy's classmates celebrated his 1 year old bday and they brought a cake but in the end , none of the children there can eat the cake. Cos of sugar contents I think plus some still below 1 year old .. Anybody has any suggestion?

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Yes, the cake is for the teachers. They expected it and we found it important that you keep those who take care of your non-speaking infant happy :-). We bought a cake, making sure it's halal. The teachers tried to feed the children some of it, but my child refused to eat it. They felt sorry that she didn't have any of the cake, but I hadn't expected her to eat it. She only started eating cakes &c when she was about three. She used to say chocolate was "too brown." The last few years I've baked muffins/cupcakes, but for 1. birthday it was really a cake for the teachers.

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At such a young age, teachers normally would not take the risk of feeding the child. Usually at 3yo the child should be able to take a tiny morsel of cake. Still, you can have a small cake to thank the teachers and aunty there. And pack a goody bag for the kids to bring home and let the parent decide whether to feed. U can pack snacks like raisins or apple slices or a toy like a party hat. This way, everyone is included.

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I will still bring a cake but maybe a small one, the teachers and helper there can have some for snacks when the kids having nap time. As for goodie bag, maybe something suitable for their age like books or toys. Cause for my case, usually sweets and chocolates will go in either my tummy or the bin 😅

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Maybe just a small cake, after all kids love birthday cakes, candles and songs. As for goodie bag, i suggest you to get party hats or tlthings which are cheap and can be used or healthy snacks. Many mums are pretty cautious with what they feed their bub. Might want to factor that in as well :)

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recently my LO infantschoolmate had a birthday..the mom placed a lil transparent bag with a birthday note as well as a squishy bath toy and a mini wet swipe. which i think is quite useful and a wonderful gift. 😆

I didn't bother with cake cos I wouldnt want my girl to consume sugars so young if it was her class mate's bday. Instead, I ordered organic toddler snacks from iHerb and packed goodie bags for her celebration. 😀

I brought a cake but just to sing song and take photos with the older infants then I gave the cake to the teachers instead.

I think goodie bag for the kids is good enough. Cake for the Teachers and photo taking for memories.

Try this.. from 6mo can eat. Include softer fruits like banana, papaya.

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6y ago

Nope. But many parents are doing this now. yes all fruit. you can ask around for parents to post their pics and give advise

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i think it will be better to buy it for teachers. all are too young.