Toddler and Newborn

Parents of toddlers with newborn babies, how do you manage your time? Are you still able to have ME time without feeling guilty? How do you give time to your toddler without compromising your newborn’s needs? I have a 2 year old who’s learning so much about his environment and I want to be there to meet his needs and questions. And on the other hand, I have a 1 month old clingy newborn. I no longer have time for myself. But I feel bad every time I get the chance to have time for myself. #Toddler #Newborn #MomOtTwo #MomOfBoys #TwoUnderTwo #Parenting #Motherhood #ParentingAdvice

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Hello! In my experience, mas may time aq sa newborn q nun kesa sa toddler q kaya I'm a bit sad kasi may mga na miss ako n moments dun s toddler q dhil I'm too focused sa newborn q. Mahirap sobra kasi I'm still recovering din from CS at that time and ung toddler q is breastfeeding pa sakin. super hirap ung katawan q hatiin s knilang dalawa kaya I don't have some ME time. Ngaung 3yr old n ang bunso q and 5yr old n si toddler. Bawing bawi na ang mga ME time ko :) ❤️

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Aww thank you for sharing this ma. My toddler is breastfeeding din eh kaya dalawa sila ni newborn ko pinadedede ko. Siguro nga there’s nothing talaga we can do noh kasi they’re both needy din sa ganitong stage. It only gets better sabi nga nila. Enjoy every moment while it lasts. Thanks for sharing yoir experience ma. At least I know now I am not alone in this. 💖