hi parents any recommendation for water bottle (straw kind) that is easy to clean? My lo is currently using one which was a gift. however the straw is tilted in a weird direction that result in not being able to suck water when the bottle is abt 1/4 full.

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It's easier for you to find those straw brushes that allow you to clean the interior. Nowadays got too many bottle brands out there and there might not be one best one. However, being prepared to clean the inside of any straw will make a better option. It's also much cheaper alternative!

You can consider this! Skip Hop Zoo Straw Water Bottle Comes in many cute designs (colourful and many characters to choose from) and is rather easy to clean. $10.97 http://www.pupsikstudio.com/skip-hop-zoo-straw-bottle.html

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I like Avent, even when you turn upside down it won't leak. And can buy straw with brush to change and wash. I used to use skip hop, but my daughter like to turn upside down and let the water come out hence i skip it.

thanks daniel! yup definitely will clean inside. but i know there r some bottles than can't remove the spout area which is kinda disgusting..haha

Yah Avent is Good I'm using it too

Pigeon or skip hop

thanks jacq!