Parents: Do you use birth control?
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Yes. Been using pills for 7 years and i just stopped his January bec we're planning to have our second baby and nagwork naman 4 months preggy na ko. After this planning to have IUD na lng.

Hubby always use pull out method even before we got married and it has never failed 😂 don’t even need birth control methods or condoms

Planning to use b'coz I'm not yet ready, I'm just giving birth last August and my baby is 9mons old..

Pills for almost 9 mos. but hininto ko na kahapon.😅😅

Yes... unless we think of planning for a baby.

Why are condoms scary for you guys?

i want to try IUD but scared.

Im trying to concieve again

using implant for 7mos now.

No i find them very scary.